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I have been creating artwork under the pseudonym

@the_unordinary_motherhood on Instagram since 2016 after my younger son was born with a genetic multi-system disorder called Williams Syndrome -


My art practice started as an outlet to process and express my experiences through all the uncertainties, challenges and joys of navigating a new motherhood journey with a child born with disability. It also provides a space to reclaim some of the loss of self and identity that comes with being a mom. What started in a place of fear and darkness has grown into an expression of hope and a new path.


My work revolves around the theme of motherhood and Mother Nature.

I am self taught in fine arts and draw my influence from my textured background of different careers as a hairstylist, advertising art director and designer. I am happy to have found love in painting and printmaking.


Originally from Singapore, I live in Portland OR, USA. 

Thank you for being here!

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